The perfect tool for monitoring lone worker safety.

Increase your risk management while decreasing your liabilities

Improve your lone workers safety, using the devices they already have.

Turn a smart device into an easy to use safety monitoring tool

Easy to Use

SafeAlert provides an easy to use solution for your employees and managers, and can be up and running within 24 hours.


SafeAlert can be customized to any customers needs regardless of the size and strucutre of the organization.


Regardless of the size of the company or the industry the company operates in, SafeAlert can monitor all employees.

Low Cost

SafeAlert provides a cost per employee solution that has the power of a call centre at the price of an in house system.

An Easy to use Mobile App for Employees

The SafeAlert mobile app is simple and easy to use. Employees can be trained to use the SafeAlert app in under 5 minutes, ensuring there is no delay when updating your health and safety policy. Employees can start a working session, check-in with their employer and call for help, all with the push of a button. 

A Robust Monitoring System For Employers

The SafeAlert dashboard is a robust and easy to use system. Employers can monitor employee safety, create teams based on the structure of the organization and print detailed reports for health & safety audits. Managers are alerted when an employee has missed a check-in, keeping employers informed of their employees status at all times.